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Hoosen Staff in Oriental Land

Source:嘉兴沪信家居   Date:2015-09-23   Hits:


   In this invigorating season, there was a strong scent of flowers in the wind. To make all staff relax themselves after work and enhance cohesion, the company organized one-day tour in Oriental Land in Qingpu District, Shanghai. 


   At 7:30a.m, Sep. 12, 2015, the tourist bus started from the gate of company, passed through the blatant city and got far away from cement buildings. Gradually, being braced by birds’ twitter and fragrance of flowers, beautiful mountains and clear waters, we were fully indulged in the breath of nature. 


    Being located near the beautiful Dianshan Lake, Oriental Land covers an area of 5,600 mu, including water area at 2,000 mu. It’s constituted of eight theme gardens, namely wisdom avenue, brave wisdom, national defense education, survival challenge, scientific exploration, water sports, sports training and life practice. All the staff took a group photo before the magnificent waterfall and then experienced these theme gardens one by one.  

    The first theme garden came into sight was wisdom avenue. It was a road with sculpture landscape at 700m, and there were numerous sculptures of famous scientists, ideologists and educators at home and abroad, which attracted many colleagues. The wisdom avenue recorded the development history of human civilization. As the master and giant to lead future, we will follow the footprint of great men in history to move towards new century and meet future. 


   There were abundant aquatic sports, such as dragon boat race, small sailing, OP sailboard, rubber dinghy, water ski, canoeing, motorboat, inflatable boat, canoe polo, aquatic parasailing, yacht and water bicycle, etc. With full entertainment and technique, they greatly enhanced the enthusiasm and vitality of staff. 

   We all felt relaxed and happy with wonderful aquatic sports and beautiful scenery beside the lake. With shadow being reflected in clear water, we sometimes walked with laugh, sometimes played with the turtles beside lake, where we deeply enjoyed the happiness with nature.  

   We saw simulated aircraft carriers in the garden of national defense education. On the round lake surface, there was a huge “aircraft carrier” in the center, which seemed extremely spectacular. There was also a small boat moving beside the carrier, and it was the legendary amphibian. After boarding the carrier, we were able to overlook the whole Oriental Land and Dianshan Lake. In the carrier, there were multiple recreational facilities and aviation museums, and we visited the exhibition of interlayer. When we stepped on the wide deck, we felt that we were closer to the sun, and the fighters looked more mighty under dazzling sunlight. Below the aircraft carrier, there was a submarine. Under the fresh breeze, we were all extremely pleased with the sparkling light on azury lake surface stretching to green lawn. 

   Through beautiful scenery, the tour not only made all staff relax themselves and relieve stress in work and life, but offered a good communication platform for each department, which was helpful for future coordination and cooperation in work. In future, the staff will certainly work with greater enthusiasm to contribute themselves to the flourish of company. 

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