What is memory foam pillow?

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What is memory foam pillow?

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   What’s memory foam pillow? Is it the pillow being helpful to enhance memory? Maybe those knowing the pillow will think so at the beginning. In fact, the answer is no. Memory foam pillow means those with memory foam being the pillow inner. As a kind of high-tech material, memory foam is sensitive to pressure and changes shape after compression. When the pressure disappears, it will recover original shape just as memory, so it’s called memory foam. 

Appearing in 1966, memory foam is developed by research institute subordinate to NASA, so memory foam is also called as aerial foam and memory foam pillow is known as aerial pillow. This kind of new material aims to reinforce the safety of cushion in space shuttle and reduce the pressure borne by astronauts when the shuttle takes off. Excellent performance of reducing pressure is the most obvious advantage of memory foam. Memory foam is manufactured by filling gas in polymer matrix. Being different from ordinary foam, memory foam owns solid structure of open cell, so the performance of reducing pressure, comfort and recovery ability after pressure are better than those of common foam. In 1980s, NASA started to apply memory foam in civilian field. Memory foam is used to produce mattress and pillow, then memory foam mattress and memory foam pillow appear.   

With excellent comfort, performance of reducing pressure and molding, memory foam pillow has good effect of health care, so it can protect cervical vertebra, shoulders, back and facilitate sleep. If any pain on neck, shoulders or back, memory foam is a good choice. 

Above is brief introduction of memory foam pillow, are you tempted now? Welcome to visit product center in our website to know more!


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