Contour memory foam pillow

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Contour memory foam pillow

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Contour memory foam pillow
Contour memory foam pillow
Contour memory foam pillow
Contour memory foam pillow
Basic parameters
Product Contour memory foam pillow
Brand Hoosen Furnishing
Specification parameter 50*30*9/7cm
Function Through perfect combination with body curve, enhanced support curve cares for cervical vertebra, avoids oppressing the nerve, maintains smooth blood circulation, relieves insomnia and facilitates deep sleep.
Product Introduce
    • 01

      Based on principle of ergonomics, the design of dual wave conforms to natural curve of cervical vertebra, which provides rational memory support for cervical vertebra and head. Balanced force on neck is helpful to reduce pressure and relax muscles, so you can feel extremely conformable.

    • 02

      No matter you sleep on your back or sleep on your side, the muscles on shoulders, head and neck are fully relaxed at natural curve, it can effectively relieve fatigue, pain and snore, thus you can sleep sweetly and comfortably. 

    • 03

      Suitable: public, especially those with cervical spondylosis, headache, insomnia. 

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